Re: Thunderbird 1.0.8 for fc5

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John Wendel wrote:
Stephen Mirowski wrote:
Xiyan Lon wrote:
Where I can get mozilla thunderbird 1.0.8 for fc5.
I know fc4 using 1.0.8. I am fimiliar with 1.0.x not 1.5.
I think 1.0.x more stable compare with 1.5.
Maybe fedora extra can make it for fc5.

Xiyan Lon

You can get it from You will need to install compat-libstdc+-33 to run these.


Are there any unresolved security issues with 1.0.8?



I doubt there are any severe security issues, as 1.0.8 updates occured after the release of 1.5 (I think), so they are pretty much just security updates. I'd check the mozilla website.

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