Re: LD_LIBRARY_PATH ; to set or not to set....

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James Pifer wrote:
Any ideas on what I'm still doing incorrectly?
You'll probably need to make the .so -> .so.28.0 links manually.



I created them manually and reran ldconfig. Still does not work as a
service or terminal application.
The I set LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable and ran it in the
terminal, didn't work.
Copied the files back over, and reran the application (same terminal
with LD_LIBRARY_PATH set), now it runs again.
One thing I can say is that the .so files are different sizes than the
other files.

Are they? The ones you reported as working last time looked the same size to me. Supposing you let ldconfig create the .so.28 links and you leave everything else as-is? Does that work?


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