Re: FC5 xorg and dual head

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> One that runs the programs you had from the last release.

In which which we would have a different "normal" installation for everyone on 
this list, since I am sure what I want to run is different from you :)

What I mean by "normal" is the procedure that was used to install. I.e. For me 
a "normal" installation is something like, someone sticks in the install 
DVD/CD/NFS etc. and runs anaconda. They then do a clean installation and 
choose the packages they want. By definition, the packages offered to them 
should work. They could also do an upgrade, but this is well know to be more 
prone to problems, increasing as the gap between the FC versions increases. 
IMHO, it is completely nature and expected that from time to time, some 
application that runs in FCn will not run in FC(n+1) (or FC(n+2) ....)

> > What I would expect, is that exactly which packages get installed during
> > a "normal" (clean?)  installation would depend on exactly which
> > applications the user asked for.
> Have you run any other operating systems before?  Some of them
> have maintained backwards compatibility for decades.  It's
> not impossible and not too much to expect for one release
> back.

I'm not sure I understand your point. With FC5 we DO have backwards 
compatibility maintained. IF you need them they are installed for you. Are 
you suggesting they should be installed regardless of if anything needs them 
or not. ? If so I would have to disagree, I don't want stuff on my machine I 
don't need.


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