Re: powernow-k8 problem

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On Tuesday 09 May 2006 21:16, Marcel Janssen wrote:
> On Tuesday 09 May 2006 20:25, Andy Green wrote:
> > Not the same board, but you might look for a setting to do with "MPS
> > version" and try V1.1 instead of V1.4 -- IIRC this removed that
> > problem... hm well removed the symptom... for my DFI / Athlon 64
> > motherboard.
> Unfortunately no luck with that.
> I'll try to upgrade the BIOS and see if that bring anything.
> If not, than this mainboard goes in the bin as I've about had it with this
> board (too many problems and it's already the 2nd board because the first
> one I owned didn't boot at all).

Well, flashing the BIOS did the trick for the powersaving. It works well now.

btw: for those Linux-only users who need to flash the bios, this may come 
handy :

For those without a floppy disk drive, you can make your own bootable CD and 
add some files to that :

$mount ubcd.iso tmp/ -o loop
$cp -R tmp/* bootdisk/
$cp -R filedir bootdisk/
$cd bootdisk/
$mkisofs -N -J -D -V "UBCD" -o /home/me/flashcd.iso -b boot/loader.bin 
-no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 .

I saw some messages about long file names, but at least it booted and worked 
for me. I simply ignored the messages as I have no idea how to solve it. 


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