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CroombeFP wrote:
I thoroughly agree : why should our government be forcing users to be on
specific platforms and ignoring the many, many Linux users out there. I,
too, shall add my stiff complaints to the "comments" section. I find
this often : one is told to download the application that one is already
using : seems to me that there's some VERY sloppy programming here
somewhere. I would like to see it illegal to block users who are using
Linux as such actions smack of censorship by y.k.w. reminiscent of the
illegal practices that Kodak once used to stop small photographic stores
and pharmacies from stocking GAF films (= Ansocolor and Anscochrome)
which, in my opinion, were far superior to their Kodak rivals.
Just received my census form yesterday so I haven't had a chance to try.
 If there is an issue, I will be joining you in filing a complaint in
the comments box. Of course I will have to fill out the paper form and
will add the comments in that section as well.

Robin Laing

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