Nvidia & Twinview Weirdness

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 I am using FC5 with a nvidia gforce 5700xp. I also use twinview and I
use the kmod-nvidia from livna. When setting up my twinview like I have
always done, I keep my xorg.conf from a backup from FC4 and It doesn't
change much. I set it up with my 1280x1024 on both screens and it
launches ok and all. The problem I am having is when going to System -->
Preferences --> Scree Resolution in Gnome it says Im running 2560x1024
which is right but the refresh rate says 50 Hz. I don't know why this is
doing this I have set my refresh rates in my xorg.conf it should be 60
Hz. Does anyone know if there is a bug in the Screen Resolution app ? Or
is there something wrong with the nvidia driver or kmod-nvidia module
from livna. The reason I ask is my eyes start to kill me after a hour or
2 and I have never had this problem before. I could sit here for 12
horus and it would never bother me. So i'm looking for ideas and
thoughts, thanks.


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