Re: FC4 and Sil 3512 SATA RAID

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Dan wrote:

> Christopher J. Bottaro wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have a motherboard that has the Sil 3512 chipset for SATA RAID.  I made
>> a
>> RAID-0 set for my hard drives in the BIOS.  I installed FC5 from DVD and
>> it
>> recognized the RAID set as a single hard drive...perfect!  The problem is
>> that FC5 is too new for me and some stuff doesn't work.  I want to
>> downgrade to FC4.  Is there any way to get the FC4 installer to recognize
>> my RAID set as a single hard drive like the FC5 installer does?
>> Thanks for the help.
>> P.S.  I know "hdparm -t" is a crappy test, but FC5 using the Sil 3512 for
>> RAID got 85 MB/s, where as FC4 using the same hard drives and 100%
>> software RAID got 50 MB/s.
>'s possible, but not advisable. I did it with FC4; take a look
> at . Note this requires
> an alternate/external hard drive to install onto at first, and fairly
> good knowledge of partitioning and fedora/GRUB's labeling schemes.
> -Dan

Oh dang.  I read a post that that link referenced
(  I followed
everything up until after the grub part.  I don't understand what mkinitrd
is (or is for) and why it needs to be patched.

Oh well, I'll just deal with FC5's newness for now.  :)  Thanks.

-- C

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