Re: Confused by MadWifi rpms

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On Wed, Apr 26, 2006 at 10:04:54AM +0100, PFJ wrote:
> Hi,
> > I'm configuring my wireless card on a 64 bit FC5 machine.I'm getting
> > confused with what rpm to download from
> >
> Don't. Compile it up from source. I had all hells job with the atrpms
> madwifi rpms, so gave up and built it myself. Works a treat now.

Quite a loadfull of folks are using them w/o any issues. You could
detail on why you failed using the rpms - but better on madwifi-users
or atrpms-users lists, as it's off-topic here, and you'll find more
people to help you there.

> Paul

Axel.Thimm at

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