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lee wrote:
Trying to get WordPerfect 8.0 for linux to run on fedor 5. I install the
two lib files from RH6.2. Run xwp ang segmentation fault. Help.


I'm not looking to convert old docs. Need WordPerfect to work with a cobal program runing on linux. Program is currently runing on RH 8
Need  to install WordPerfect


I don't know why you would need WP for a cobal program but that isn't critical. It is most likely a library issue. I ran into this with an older version of WP for Linux.

If you try to install under FC5 running strace, you may get an idea of where the error is occurring.

I would be interested in getting WP running on Linux as I like Reveal Codes which isn't in OOo.
Robin Laing

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