Re: mysterious keyboard, mouse lockups with FC5

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On 4/18/06, Filippos Klironomos <presariod@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> This is greatly unlikely, it's a brand new Dell XPS not even a year old. It
> seems that it's a hardware issue (SATA disks) but the fact that it appeared
> only when FC5 was installed on it points somewhere else. On the FC4 side the
> lockups appeared only when newer kernels were installed. Back in December
> the machine was running for 3 months uninterrupted doing heavy calculations
> with absolutely no problem.
> I'll turn off APIC and see, but this cannot be a permanent solution since
> the machine is dual core...

I am not trying to take away blame from Fedora, just suggesting
possible alternate problems which could be easier resolved - have you
taken a look at your BIOS? Maybe there is an option there which FC4
dealth with better or ignored.

A computer that new should have a pretty advanced BIOS setup.

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