Re: ^M Character gets appended to every Line in jsp page

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Kaushal Shriyan wrote:
On 4/18/06, Neil Cherry <[email protected]> wrote:
Kaushal Shriyan wrote:
Hi All

I have a unusual issue is that I transfer the file from one server to
another server
through FTP Client, and when I open the downloaded file I see that at
the end of every Line of the file I see ^M

I do not understand at ALL

I have choosen a Binary option while downloading
Are you transferring from Windows to Linux? If the file is a text
file then don't use binary. This will convert files that have been
created under Windows (such as Notepad) to have their line endings
converted to Unix line endings. Windows uses a line ending of ^M^J
(carriage return and line feed). Unix uses ^J (line feed).

The binary transfer mode is meant for things where you want no
conversions to take place such as ISO image or an executable

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Thanks Neil for the quick response,I am transferring the file from
Linux Box A to Linux Box B
I tar the file on Linux Box A and ftp to Linux Box B and untar it on Linux Box B
and when I open the File I see at the end of every Line ^M
Where did the file come from, sounds like the original file was
a Windows/DOS file. You can use dos2unix on the file like this:

dos2unix file

that will get rid of the ^M characters (and the ^Z that may lurk
at the bottom of the file).

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