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Niklaus wrote:
 I have a bootable CD and normal ISO9660 data CD , both has linux on it.
 I don't have the BIOS password and hence cannot change the bios
startup options.

1) Is there any way to boot the CD from grub command line ?

2) Can i access the data in ISO9660 from grub command line ?

I can boot a floppy like root(fd0)
chainloader +1

simlarly windows partition like root(hd0,2)
chainloader +1

Is there anything for bootable CD .
1. I think I did it in the past by building a bootable dos floppy image that loads a cd driver, and then calls loadlin with the right parameters.
2. But if you can get you into a windows partition, maybe try the
dosutils folder from an older FCore, from memory you can configure to
boot the CD (oh, but I think it might need to be a fat - not ntfs - drive).
3. grub option: (but you need to make the memdisk (14k) and img (1.4)
accessible somehow?)
title bootable_cd_loader.1.50z [ok]
  kernel /memdisk/memdisk
  initrd /memdisk/bootable_cd_loader.1.50z.img


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