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On Monday 17 April 2006 02:28, David Timms wrote:
> Truls Gulbrandsen wrote:
> > Hi,
> > my OpenOffice Base crashed and gave the following message - is this
> > something that should be reported somewhere else?
> A bug is really useful if you can describe how it happened, and can
> repeat it. If so and it uses specific db files / connections, you need
> to list exactly what you did that caused the crash. Some bugs are
> packaging/interaction bugs, other bugs are in the upstream original
> source code (openoffice). Search their issuezilla to see if the bug is
> already known. Also search first before creating a
> bug to ensure you aren't doubling up on a bug. Crashing bugs are
> generally considered of higher priority than other bugs!
> To create a bug you do need to make a bugzilla account; this reduces
> spam, but also keeps you in the loop on any developments with the bug. A
> heap of bugs go unfixed because the issue is not repeatable for other
> testers / developers, and the reporter is not able to provide more info
> on how the bug occurs.
> Please reply if you need more help to find/create a bug.
Dave, I have an almost identical report from an Impress file under FC4.  I was 
pointed to a bug report but that is 
labelled as corrected around Christmas time.

Clearly problems still exist and should be reported, but if Truls starts a new 
bug report for his FC5 problem, should I report my FC4 problem under the same 
bug number, or a separate one?  I have actually added my report onto the 
existing one, mentioned above.  Maybe that was not the best thing to do.


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