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oleksandr korneta wrote:
The goal is to delete the fat32 partition and extend the ext3 partition to the whole drive without losing the data. There is no way for me to backup this data - it is 200Gb drive. Neither gparted nor qtparted cannot handle this task (I assume these are based on the same lib). Presumably, parted will fail as well.

Is there any tool for linux (preferably opensource) that is capable of accomplishing of this task?
Logical volume management (LVM) is designed to help in just this sort of task. At partitioning you create a partition/s of type LVM (iirc) (the physical volumes - or space to use). Then you create logical volumes within the lvm physical volumes. The Logical Volumes can then span multiple partitions, and other physical disks.

There is a gui tool to view this:System|Administration|Logical Volume Management.

By default, FC5 seems to choose to make LVM partitions, which would make it fairly easy. I don't know about converting existing partition/data into LVM though ?


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