Re: Are netdev kernels compatible with livna nvidia

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On 4/14/06, J. K. Cliburn <jcliburn@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> If I install John Linville's netdev kernel, will I still be able to
> use the nvidia rpm(s) provided by Livna?  In FC4 I used the Nvidia
> binary directly from Nvidia and built the driver myself with each new
> kernel, including the netdev kernels, but in keeping with developer
> guidance, with FC5 I'm using the Livna Nvidia driver package.  Any
> compatibility issues with the Livna Nvidia driver rpm and the netdev
> kernels?

If a binary package is not available, then you can always recompile
the SRPM.  As far as compatability, I suspect that if it would work
with the binary installer from nVidia, then it would work with the
Livna RPM.  No harm in trying it out ;).


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