Re: Installing FC from internet

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Ali Helmy wrote:
On 10/04/06, *Gordon Messmer* <yinyang@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    Yup.  You want to use "Grub for NT" to boot the installer.  This
    document discusses how:

Hard to believe or not, I DON'T have a CD-Drive... i've installed my WinXP a long time ago, and then my CD-ROM drive died...

Yeah, I believe you. That document discusses installing Fedora without a CD drive. You use Grub for NT to load the vmlinuz and initrd.img files, from which you can perform a network install.

The problem that you're going to run in to is that Fedora does not include a tool to resize NTFS partitions, so before you can install Fedora, you need to find a way to free space on your drive.

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