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On Mon, 2006-04-10 at 15:17 -0600, Andrew wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I have a ldap server running on another distro and I use it for a lot of 
> different things (such as users, passwords, and hosts) and it all works 
> fine on that distro.  I'm also trying to get all of this to work in FC5 
> and so far I have gotten users and passwords to work but the hosts is 
> giving me problems.  If I type getent hosts I see the complete list of 
> hosts as it should be but if I try to ping one of the hosts it just 
> hangs.  If I try to ping the ip address everything works fine.  I should 
> also note that I can't ping domain's either (such as again it 
> just hangs but if I use a browser I can browse to them.  On another 
> note, when I type getent hosts in the ldap console i can see the query 
> but when I try to ping a single domain I see nothing in the ldap 
> console, not even an attempt.
you need to confirm padl tools setup...

what's output of ???

grep host /etc/nsswitch

grep host /etc/ldap.conf


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