Re: How to install Erlang and ethereal in Fedora Core 5.

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vasantha.pothabattula@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

I have freshly installed Fedora Core 5.

I am facing some problems while trying to install some third party rpm's
like Erlang and Ethereal .
Its creating some dependencies and asking for some .so files.

Like for ethereal-0.10.14-3.2.i386.rpm it asks for

And while installing erlang  otp_src_R9C-2  it asks for

Can anyone suggest me how should i go further and how can i get these
.so files?

Ethereal is in fedora Core (0.10.14-3.2)
Erlang is in Fedora Extras (R10B-10.2)

You can install both using yum:

# yum install ethereal erlang

Why are you making life hard for yourself by using third party rpms?


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