Re: can't use swap after switch to LVM

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On Sun, 2006-04-09 at 20:12 +0200, Joel Uckelman wrote:
> Thus spake Jeff Vian:
> >  
> > The lv is not active.
> > Have you tried to activate it?
> > See the listing in man lvs for the identifying the state, and in man
> > lvchange for how to activate it.
> >   Something like "lvchange -a y LogVol01"  should make it active so you
> > can then use commands such as mkswap and mount with it.
> Here's what happens:
> [root@scylla test]# lvchange -v -a y VolGroup00/LogVol01
>     Using logical volume(s) on command line
>     Activating logical volume "LogVol01"
>     Found volume group "VolGroup00"
>     Loading VolGroup00-LogVol01 table
>   device-mapper: reload ioctl failed: Invalid argument
> I checked around some more, and found that device-mapper doesn't have
> a table for LogVol01:
> [root@scylla test]# dmsetup table
> VolGroup00-LogVol05: 0 63373312 linear 9:1 786816
> VolGroup00-LogVol04: 0 262144 linear 9:1 64160128
> VolGroup00-LogVol03: 0 1179648 linear 9:1 76677504
> VolGroup00-LogVol02: 0 12255232 linear 9:1 64422272
> VolGroup00-LogVol01:
> VolGroup00-LogVol00: 0 786432 linear 9:1 384
> Er? How did that happen? How do I determine what the table entry it
> should be?
You should not try to set that manually.
If you have enough space free in VolGroup00 try to create a new LogVol06
of the same size and see if that works.  If it does then delete the
LogVol01 that is giving you problems.

It sounds like something has gotten corrupted in the tables and you need
to bypass that for now and go on.
>From the man page description of the way dmsetup works it almost seems
it got called to create the lv with the --notable option.

> -- 
> J.

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