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On Thu, 6 Apr 2006, Gbenga Shobowale wrote:

On 4/6/06, Washington, CJ (OCTO) <CJ.Washington@xxxxxx> wrote:


I don't understand why but when I used the command below, I was logged in as
one of the users of the machine and the command failed.  Then I logged in as
root and reissued the command.  It worked fine.  I guess you have to be
logged in as root in order for the eth0 to work.  But I have not tried the
same thing using one of the user accounts created on the system.

Users on they system don't have permission to restart eth0 just
root..what you should do is run as root temporary then exit after you
are done
su -
it should as for root password...

Users can't run "service network restart", but they can run ifup/ifdown, if eth0 is configured to do so. Run system-config-network, edit interface eth0 and check the box to allow users to control the interface.

Can someone please explain this?



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/etc/init.d/network restart

and what is the output on the screen.


Washington, CJ (OCTO) wrote:

Hello all,

I just started using Fedora Core 5 and installed it on a Compaq
Deskpro desktop. The install went fine but for some reason, I'm not
able to ping outside of my own IP address. I think that there is an
issue with the eth0 because when I went to shutdown the Kernel,
everything shutdown except the eth0. It hung for hours. Is there
anything special I need to do to get my Ethernet interface on the
Desktop to work with Fedora Core 5? Before this, I was able to use the
port when Windows XP was installed on the machine. Also, when I took a
look at the hardware using the Linux GUI, it stated that the eth0 was
enabled and working. Can you please assist?

CJ Washington

MPLS Engineer


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