Re: KDE-3.5.2 ????

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nicola .:kOoLiNuS:. losito wrote:
Il giorno mer, 05/04/2006 alle 09.43 -0700, John Wendel ha scritto:

Or visit <> and add them to your yum repos for a much better KDE experience. I run "testing" all the time, these guys do a great job of packaging KDE.

so I suppose your overall experience with "testing" is good, i have a
plain kde-redhat.repo at the moment:

mirrorlist =$releasever/$basearch/stable/mirrors
name = kde-redhat-stable
gpgcheck = 1
gpgkey =
enabled = 0

should i risk testing ?

I haven't encountered anything that has broken my machine yet. I do have a "stable" backup machine that doesn't get the latest updates until I've used them for a few days.

I run it at work and at home without any major problems. They had some dependency problems with an update recently but I tried again the next day and all was fixed. They update frequently, so there is the risk of a broken update, but so far things are very good.



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