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I'm forwarding this from another list for the same reasons as the OP.

Joshua Daniel Franklin wrote:
This is off-topic for these lists, and I apoligize if it's seen as
spam or causes Dag
any embarrassment. However, Dag's unsupported RPM repository has been a de facto
"RHEL Extras" for me on many occasions (I just downloaded nagios last
week during an
OS rebuild), and on visiting his wishlist page I saw this unobtrusive notice:

My appartment has been broken into on Thursday afternoon 2 february
2006. The criminals stole 3 laptops (mine, my girlfriends and one I
was preparing for family) and some other valuables. Because of this I
would be grateful if you could donate on Paypal instead of buying from
my Amazon wishlist.

I certainly don't want to tell anyone what steps to take (or encourage
theft!) but I belive
many of us on this list can do something to help, either personally or
through influence or

Joshua Daniel Franklin



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