Re: help on installing fedora on HP compaq nx6125

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About free space : intially it was a logical drive in windows all 15
GB free space( FAT 32). Then I deleted the logical drive. It showed
15GB unpartioned space.

About fc5
is it that FC4 and WinXP will not go together in laptop?
How will get a FC5 CD?


On 4/1/06, Jonathan Berry <berryja@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 3/31/06, Pushparaj Shetty <prajshetty@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > I tried to install fedora core4 on my HP compaq nx 6125 notebook.
> Any reason not to install Core 5 since it is out.  I'd highly
> recommend installing it now :).
> > After boot from CD it asks for the mode of installation
> > (graphics/text). Then a blank screen appears without any progress.
> Try doing a text install.  It is likely that the X windows for the
> installer doesn't like your graphics card.  A text install, while not
> as nice, may work better with it.
> > My processor is AMD turion 64 bit. I have a free space of 15GB out of 60 GB.
> Is that, "Windows shows I have 15 GB free" or "I have 15 GB worth of
> unpartitioned space"?  If it is the first, the install will not work
> (different issue from the blank screen).  If the second, you are fine.
>  Just want to make sure from the way you stated your amount of "free
> space."
> Jonathan
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