Re: compiling pam_mount for FC5

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Craig McLean wrote:

> ...
> FYI, pam_mount-0.9.25 should build ok. It's what I'm using here.

today pam_mount-0.13.0 was released, and it comes with a
pam_mount-0.13.0.i586.rpm on sourceforge. However this was linked against
openssl-0.9.7, which is not installed in FC5. So I grabbed openssl097a,
which contains these versions, but not the symlinks; after creating them
in /lib ->* ->*
I was able to use pam_mount.

It's not easy. The pam_mount.conf file has this config for the crypt

cryptmount /bin/mount -t crypt "%(before=\"-o\" OPTIONS)" %(VOLUME) %(MNTPT)

but the FC5 mount program does not understand the "crypt" fs type (is there
a mount that does? I thought this was an open issue with dm-crypt). So I
installed the mount.crypt script that comes with pam_mount and changed the
config to

cryptmount /bin/mount.crypt %(VOLUME) %(MNTPT) -o %(OPTIONS)

and after hacking the login,rlogin,remote pam.d configs I am now able to
have the homedir mounted in a test setting. I created a test user "bozo"
and prepared an encrypted plain-file container and use it with this line in

volume bozo crypt - /var/cryptohome /bozo loop,fstype=ext3 - -

There is one remaining problem. The mount.crypt script tries to come up with
a suitable mapper device name from the target of the loopback device it
creates (in this case it should be _var_cryptohome), and the code looks
like this:

DMDEVICE=` "$LOSETUP" "$DEVICE" 2>/dev/null | sed -n '/(.+)/ { s/.*(//;
s/).*//; p;}'`;

the FC5 losetup generates output such as

/dev/loop0: [0303]:97744 (/var/cryptohome)

and I can't figure out why the address pattern /(.+)/ doesn't match (the sed
generates no output), so ended up deleting it and use

DMDEVICE=` "$LOSETUP" "$DEVICE" 2>/dev/null | sed -n '{ s/.*(//; s/).*//;

the name is important because pam_mount uses it to check whether the
filesystem has already been mounted.


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