Re: Software Raid 5 (FC5)

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On Sat, 1 Apr 2006, Ian Pilcher wrote:

Les Mikesell wrote:
If it isn't too big, a dvd writer might be a solution.  My
preference is to have another machine on the network running
backuppc ( so there is always
an on-line copy with at least a week of history in case you
accidentally delete something.  Then I periodically raid-mirror
that to an external drive that is rotated offsite.

A 200GB music collection would take ~50 DVDs.

It should take 24 dual layer disks. Regardless, the correct way to look at it is "if my hard drive died tomorrow, would it be worth the time and money to me for 50 recordable DVDs to recover?" If the answer is yes - start burning them now and store them somewhere safe.

There are more convienent solutions like backuppc or g4l, but it depends entirely on _how much_ the data on the drive is worth to you vs how much money you want to trade for convienent solutions.

Personally, I have a complete set of automated 8x daily, 5x weekly, 4x monthly, 3x quarterly and 2x semiannual backups for my personal data in Linux made nightly by a script using rsync over ssh as well as an external 'OneTouch' USB drive I use for my WinXP backups (I don't boot windows very often, so I just back it up manually).

I like my data.

Benjamin Franz

If you can't handle reality, it *will* handle you.

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