Re: How to install LVM partition?

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On 4/1/06, Oldman <talbotscott@xxxxxxx > wrote:
On Sat, 2006-04-01 at 13:08 +0100, Paul Smith wrote:
> Dear All
> I have FC5 installed on hda and FC4 on hdc, and on hda1 I have MS
> Windows and on the remainder of the disk I have FC5, using LVM. Mt
> question is: how can I mount the FC5 partition from FC4?
> Thanks in advance,
> Paul

# su -

# vgscan --mknodes
# ls /dev/mapper

-> this will give you every thing in the name of LVM that U have.

now to simply mount from konsole
# mount -t ext3 /dev/mapper/VGname-LVname   /mnt/urmountpoint

<<< Be carefull with fstab - make a bakup of this file >>>
# cp /etc/fstab /etc/fstab.bak     <- or choose suitable name

put this line in /etc/fstab to make mount auto
/dev/VGname/LVname      /mnt/urmountpoint   ext3    defaults        0 0

to get VGname / LVname
# lvscan
# vgscan
# pvscan

Anil Kumar Shrama

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