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ok well I have just been having problem after problem trying to install fedora....i'm trying to install it on a compaq presario, 190 ram, 800 MHZ, amd k6, ati graphics, it has windows 98 on it right now but i'm doing a full delete of windows and replacing it with fedora 5....well first off i downloaded the fives images off the site and burnt them as images...i then tried to install them which the first cd i tested all my cds and only disk 2 and 5 i redownloaded from another mirror the rest....well on the second media check attempt only disk one i redownloaded the others from another mirror...well that media check didn't pass either i tried again on another mirror and check failed i tried another and failed and the last time i tried they failed again...well i was wondering "well disk 5 passed before so lets see if it passes a second time" and it didn' basically i got disk 1,2,and 5 to pass and failed 7 times on disks 3 and 4, and i retested disk 5 and it i tried to install fedora core 5 anyway....well everythign was going fine untill it got to the installation of the first disk...i got through 64% on the first disk then all of the sudden my screen turned into a bunch of text....well i'm at the end of my ropes and i have no idea what to do now....i really want fedora but i can't seem to find stable images or if my computer is too old or what? any help would be i said i really want linux and i have been tring everything to get it to run.....any suggestions? thanks

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