Re: How to install LVM partition?

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On 4/1/06, J. K. Cliburn <[email protected]> wrote:
> > > I have FC5 installed on hda and FC4 on hdc, and on hda1 I have MS
> > > Windows and on the remainder of the disk I have FC5, using LVM. Mt
> > > question is: how can I mount the FC5 partition from FC4?
> >
> >         In /dev you will see a directory named VolGroup00
> > (if FC4 is also lvm, you might have Volgroup01 too!). Inside that is a
> > file: LogVol00 (not sure but you might have more files if FC5 has
> > separate partitions for  /, /var,/home etc.)
> >
> > Make a mount point for FC5: mkdir /media/fc
> > then: mount /dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00 /media/fc
> I think the command will need to look something like this:
> mount -t ext3 /dev/mapper/VolGroup00-LogVol00 /mountpoint
> That's the way it is for me mounting an FC4 logical volume in FC5 anyway.

Thanks to both, but I only have

# dir /dev
adsp       hdb      lp3       ram12       tty0   tty30  tty52      vcs2
agpgart    hdb1     MAKEDEV   ram13       tty1   tty31  tty53      vcs3
apm_bios   hdb2     mapper    ram14       tty10  tty32  tty54      vcs4
audio      hdb5     md0       ram15       tty11  tty33  tty55      vcs5
bus        hdb6     mem       ram2        tty12  tty34  tty56      vcs6
cdrom      hdc      mice      ram3        tty13  tty35  tty57      vcs7
cdwriter   hdc1     midi      ram4        tty14  tty36  tty58      vcsa
console    hdc2     mixer     ram5        tty15  tty37  tty59      vcsa1
core       hdd      net       ram6        tty16  tty38  tty6       vcsa2
disk       initctl  null      ram7        tty17  tty39  tty60      vcsa3
dmmidi     input    par0      ram8        tty18  tty4   tty61      vcsa4
dsp        kmsg     parport0  ram9        tty19  tty40  tty62      vcsa5
dvd        log      parport1  ramdisk     tty2   tty41  tty63      vcsa6
dvdwriter  loop0    parport2  random      tty20  tty42  tty7       vcsa7
event0     loop1    parport3  root        tty21  tty43  tty8       video
fd         loop2    port      rtc         tty22  tty44  tty9       video0
fd0        loop3    ppp       sequencer   tty23  tty45  ttyS0      X0R
floppy     loop4    ptmx      sequencer2  tty24  tty46  ttyS1      XOR
full       loop5    pts       shm         tty25  tty47  urandom    zero
gpmctl     loop6    ram       snd         tty26  tty48  usbdev1.1
hda        loop7    ram0      stderr      tty27  tty49  vbi
hda1       lp0      ram1      stdin       tty28  tty5   vbi0
hda2       lp1      ram10     stdout      tty29  tty50  vcs
hda3       lp2      ram11     tty         tty3   tty51  vcs1

# dir /dev/mapper/


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