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On Wed, 29 Mar 2006, Louis E Garcia II wrote:

I am looking at a Dell Inspiron E1705 laptop and wondering if anyone has
FC5 working on it? The Dell Wireless 1390 802.11g is a broadcom 4311
chip, I could not get a definitive answer if the bcm43xx driver can
drive it from their mailing list. Also is ATI mobility radeon X1400
supported by X? I know 3d is not but hopefully 2d is.

Since this is a duel core processor I would need the smp kernel right?

Thanks, --Louis

If it's a dell you can get it with the intel pro wireless 2915 or 3945
as well, and it's worth it.

It is available with intel wireless 3945 but that requires separate drivers
from sourceforge. I am hoping the dell wireless works out of the box. Why
is intel wireless better then broadcom?

it has an opensource driver.

The main question is the video. If the ATI X1400 is not supported then this
laptop is not for me.


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