Re: NO Sound on Dell. Intel sound experts available?

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On Mon, Mar 27, 2006 at 02:06:31AM +0100, Leon wrote:
> If you can start mixer, chances are the driver is working.
> If you have gnome-volume-control installed, you can see there are two
> devices for example in my laptop:
>    1. intel 82801dB-4ch (alsa mixer)
>    2. SigamaTel STAC9750 (oss mixer)
> Be careful with alsamixer, set 'master' and 'pcm' to non-zero doesn't
> mean the sound isn't muted. You might also need to change other
> options.
The above statements double negative makes it seem backwards to me. If
the bottom of a column has a MM in it the channel represented is muted.

Aaron Konstam
Computer Science
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