Re: Are RedHat Enterprise Linux 4 manuals a substitute for non-existent FC5 manuals?

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On Fri, 2006-03-24 at 12:46 -0500, William Case wrote:
> Hi;
> I am just getting ready to download and install FC5 next week.
> In FC4, I downloaded and used RedHat Enterprise Linux 4 manuals.  They
> were very good guides to such things as:
>       * Binary Utilities,
>       * Compiler (gcc),
>       * Debugger (gdb),
>       * Development Tools,
>       * GNU Assembler (as),
>       * GNU Linker (ld),
>       * Maximum RPM,
>       * Preprocessor (cpp),
>       * Reference,
>       * Security,
>       * SELinux,
>       * Step by Step,
>       * System Admin; and,
>       * System Admin Intro.
> These were mostly very good substitutes for the Fedora Core 4 operating
> system manuals that don't yet exist.  I have checked the RedHat
> documentation site and these guides all seem to be still in use for the
> latest RedHat system.  Are they still applicable to Fedora Core 5?  If
> not, is there any recommendations of some other source or set of
> manuals.

The SELinux guide will be out of date. More up to date information is
available on the Fedora Project Wiki at:

There is an FC5-specific installation guide at:

The other manuals are probably still useful.


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