Re: FC5 Installation turned out to be a disaster

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On 3/22/06, Richard E Miles <[email protected]> wrote:
> I installed the FC5 release on Tuesday but I experienced a problem I have never
> had with any redhat or fedora releases. The anaconda could not detect my vidio
> graphics card. This is a nvidia geforce FX 5200 card. This card has been detected
> on previous installs (FC4). Because of this I did not get a graphical install.
> The install took 2 and a half hours (fresh install). As such no xorg.conf file
> was produced. System-config-display aborted. Because of this I had no X window
> capability. This is totally unexceptable. I had to go back and reinstall FC4.
> I know fedora is a bleeding edge distribution but this is not accepted. I am
> seriously thinking of switching distributions.
> --
> Richard Miles
> Federal Way WA. USA
> registered linux user 46097

What is not acceptable? Did you submit show-stopper bug reports and
FC5 was released inspite of them. I sincerely doubt that.  What do you
expect from a freebie?

Stop your moaning. Help linux development. File that bug report. Or
switch to the other OS.

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