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Here is the problem: I got FC4 installed on my laptop, along with KDE3.5... Now, today I tried installing a theme for the greeter (login screen, in which to enter username & password)... i went to Login management and checked the greeter to be "Graphical Greeter" then selected the new theme...
When I restarted it loaded all the services as usual, but when it got to the point where i should enter the name and password, instead it said that the "Greeter Theme Corrupt" because theme has no values for username and password fields in the warning message. I click ok, and then another warning says: "Loading graphical greeter failed, trying to load standard greeter" then the computer just does nothing after i click ok...
i can log-on only to the laptop using the text-session (Alt+Ctrl+F1) but i dont know what to do...
Please i need some help to fix the problem, any idea how i can reset that to the default or previous state?
Thank you

A. Helmy

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