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Andy Green wrote:
Mark Haney wrote:
Okay, my very first hosed rpmdb.  I tried rebuilddb, no go.  I tried
initdb /then/ rebuilddb no go.  Any other ideas?  Fortunately, this
isn't a production system (yet) so I can blow it away if I need to.  I
was running up2date on the box from ssh and for some reason sshd died in
the middle of it.

up2date :-O  Use yum.

Check your /var/log/messages for, eg, memory-related problems that
provoked things to blow up in the first place.

What exactly are the symptoms when you try, for example,

rpm -qa


rpm -qa gives me a package list like it should. This is what I get when I up2date:

RPM error.  The message was:
Could not determine what version of Red Hat Linux you are running.
If you get this error, try running

               rpm --rebuilddb

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