Re: 2.6.15 -- unable to open an initial console

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> That creates the initrd but that doesn't mean you have to use it. Grub
> has to be told to use that initrd. Can you post the contents of
> /etc/grub.conf ?

In fact, I use lilo.
See lilo.conf
There is also some other stuff here, the kernel .config and the
make(install) log files.

> Udev without initrd
> Install Fedore Core as usual and reboot. Execute the following commands
> mkdir /tmp/dev
> mount --move /dev /tmp/dev
> sbin/MAKEDEV null console zero
> mount --move /tmp/dev /dev
> Install your kernel without an initrd. Reboot.

OK, but then this continues as:
"You will get some SELinux errors, and syslogd will not work as expected"

They scared me away from considering this option :)

Right now I am trying to check my initrd image -- what is exactly
inside; is there a /dev/console there ...


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