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James Pifer wrote:
> I have an FC3 machine (running MythTV) that I just hooked up a 200GB
> drive in a Mad Dog enclosure. The machine is very unstable with the
> drive plugged in.
> Symptom 1: when I read or write large files it either pauses for a while
> or completely locks up the machine. I can usually still ping the nic,
> but can't do anything else. Can't ssh and can't use the console.

Is the good FC3 box using the same kernel as the bad one?

Try swapping the USB drives and the USB cables between the good and bad

> Symptom 2: When the machine starts up if the usb drive is plugged in it
> will not go past the bios screen. It will show that it detected the hard
> drives and then it stops. 

This can be an unrelated problem with the BIOS handling the USB drive or
it could be the same deal.

> Is there something in the bios I should check that might be causing
> these problems? I have another one of these enclosures on another FC3
> machine and it does not have any problems. 
> Any other information I could post? There is nothing
> in /var/log/messages about this problem. 

Try running the thing in the textmode console (Ctrl-Alt-F1 from X) and
see if you get any messages there.


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