Re: DMA issues with FC4 on a Dell precision M70

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Alfredo Ferrari wrote:
> Yes
> my PATA disk is the master on the second IDE channel (hdc). This is
> actually the laptop modular bay where I can insert the DVD/2nd hard
> drive/2nd battery. The same disk in the same bay on the same channel
> of a D800 (where the primary disk is PATA and not SATA as in the M70)
> works nicley with DMA enabled at boot time.
> Unfortunately it seems to be a known Linux kernel bug/limitation (see
> )
> a rather frustrating one I must say.

I don't know much about this, but I came accross this problem for
playing dvd with xine.

It seems to me that the problem occurs on laptop with sata hd: there is
a single controller for both ide drive and sata disk and you cannot set
the dma.

This problem does not occur with desktop where you have ide controller.

I have two solutions for this:

1- hdparm -c1 /dev/hdc

You can watch dvd in a better way (not perfect)

2- rip the dvd to the hard drive with dvdbackup and watch them (perfect)

Hope this help.

François Patte
UFR de mathématiques et informatique
Université Paris 5 - Paris

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