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Charles Heselton wrote:
Need a little more info about the problem before I know if I can help or
not.  I'm guessing this is a Debian system, since he's posting on that list?
What filesystem(s) is he using?  What changed?  (I.e. did he upgrade,
install new pkgs, what?)

Debian system. He booted KNOPPIX and ran cfdisk. The partition in
question was the first logical one one inside an extended. He
moved the bottom of the extended down a few gig, and put two
more logicals in below the one that is clobbered. No upgrades.
The partition had ext3 in it. He did a GRUB update. Now he
can't mount that partition with KNOPPIX. It complains that
it can't find a valid superblock. See my other message for
more details on the current layout, and the presumed previous
layout. I didn't specifically ask, but it looks like a
dual boot system. It also looks like he installed GRUB in the
MBR, not the BR, but I didn't specifically get that info.

Also, I haven't gotten any e-mail from him this morning, so
I dunno whether he can respond now. He may have had to leave
for work. I would hope he'd have sent me e-mail if he had
to go off-line permanently. He may not be up and about yet.
We were doing stuff until quite late It was around 03:00
my time (Texas, USA) when we finally signed off.

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