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Feris Thia wrote:
Hi All,

I'm a new member here and I'd like to ask about my Fedora Core's 4 Problem.
Please remember, people here are mostly not paid to help people like you, they do so because they like to and because its a useful contribution to our software.
When you ask a question, you want people who are best able to help you
to read your question. To attract their attention, use a subject line
that summarises your problem, maybe in this case, "KDE crashes after
upgrade to 3.5."
A lot of people don't find the time to read everything on the list, they
pick and choose. Lately, I've been more likely to respond to wireless
questions, and mostly ignore gnome (don't use it), CD/DVD creatiion and
burning (I use the commandline, most of the problems are with GUIs I've
never used), "please help" and "new member."
In your question, outline what you've done to help yourself: examining
recent archives will often help (especially if you're asking about
wireless, I think we've had two or three questions about that this
week), RHEL documentation at and creative googling, maybe
'KDE 3.5 crash "fedora core 4" ' and refine based on what you see.
I've just upgrade my fedora core 4's KDE from default to 3.5... after I
upgrade I've got some crash in my KDE application like K3B. And this crash
Just your KDE?
You really should update everything.



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