Re: ALT+CNTRL+F1-F6 blank display!!

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On 2/15/06, Systems Administrator <sysadmin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> hi all,,
> i have this "funny issue" with my FC4,, when i am in runlevel 5 the combination keys alt+cntrl+f1-f6 gives me blank sreen display..
> is this a known bug? fc4 has the lastest updates as per today(15/02/006)
> any insight(s)??..solution(s)??

What Kernels are you running?  I have had issues like this with GDM
and the all Kernels since 1826.  I resolved it by staying at 1826.

I'm on a PPC.
WC -Sx- Jones | | Open Source Consulting

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