Re: migrating to new disk - selinux problem?

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Petr Fischer wrote:

I need to migrate to new hard-disk.

My steps:

1) booted FC4 install CD and created LVM structures with anaconda (on
new disk)
100MB boot ext3 partision 100GB LVM partition named "PFNOTES"
                4GB logical volume for swap named "SWAP"
96GB logical volume for root filesystem named "ROOT" 2) copied old root filesystem to new disk with: cp -ax
3) edited NEW_ROOT/etc/fstab & NEW_BOOT/grub/grub.conf
4) unplugged old disk and rebooted - OK

If I login as root, this message occurs:
Yout default context is root:system_r:kernel_t.

Do you want to choose a different one? [n]

Relabel did not help.

What is wrong? Thanks very much, pf

You need to relabel.
In permissive mode.

touch /.autorelabel

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