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Les Mikesell wrote:
On Sun, 2006-02-05 at 11:25, Douglas Phillipson wrote:

My LUG recently had to move to a Library with WIFI access only. Running FC4 on my HP Pavilion laptop, how specifically, can I bridge my WIFI interface (eth1) over to my eth0 interface so I can hook in all the wired ethernet users to get access to the WIFI networks DHCP server? I don't have to recompile a Kernel I hope... I can still use my laptop normally while I'm bridging for everyone else I hope?

A simpler approach that is also more likely to work would be
to set up a different private address range on the wired side
and a dhcp server for it, then route and NAT to the wireless
interface.   The only tricky part is that you either have
to run your own caching dns server and point the dhcp clients
to it, or you'll have to pick up the DNS server you receive
from the wireless DHCP and edit your dhcpd.conf to pass that
on to the clients.

The magic part I don't know how to do is "route and NAT". Can you point me to an example on how to route and NAT between interfaces? Is this a IPTables thing?


Doug P

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