Issues with kernel 2.6.15 and other updates this morning

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I just updated my workstation. Now I have some issues to track. First
off, I thought that the new kernel was the only one causing trouble, but
after booting my old 2.6.14 kernel I discovered, that some other
packages also cause problems.

So, my question is, can I find out what has been updated with the last
run of "yum update" on my system? Or based on a given window of time?

The issues I have are:

- no quiet booting of kernel 2.6.15
- after booting the System is using a fb mode, that causes my gdm took
  look strange until I switch once to a tetx terminal and back.

I will look into that, but some help on the question above would be very

Best regards,

Oliver Andrich --- oliver.andrich@xxxxxxxxx ---

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