Re: Old 486 computer & external CD reader advice needed

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--- Mike McCarty <mike.mccarty@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> >>>memory to service 4 modems, two 8 serial port dickens terminal
> servers
> >>>which had a collection of terminals, XT's and 286's running
> procomm. One
> >>
> >>What version of Linux did you use? I don't know of any which can
> run
> >>in 16MB of RAM.

<giggles> What is the oldest version of Linux you have used?? The
very first kernel ran on a 386. I doubt he (Linus)as a student had 16
megs of ram in Helsinki. Memory cost a fortune back when. My first
486 set me back about $1800. I, at the time, was running Caldera
Linux, the first 3 editions, which was RH based. Donnie Barnes used
to hang there all the time. Caldera was the Republican version of RH.
It cost about double RH, so only older and <ahem> more mature users
hung there... nice crowd

> I don't know of any which can run on a 486 in 16MB of RAM and no
> swap.

The rule was swap = actual ram. 16 megs of ram = 16 megs of swap.
Harddrive space was much less than a GIG, so swap file space was eyed
as a necessity, yet evil. 

I had Windows 3.1, so running it under Linux (32) was faster than
it's native dos... Caldera included wabi to run Win3.1  It worked
slick and quick. Win95 was just coming out then, and all of the tales
of blue screen death steered me away from it with much prejudice. Ric

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   ...the Sin of Stupidity.
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