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On Mon, 2006-01-30 at 21:21 -0800, chen li wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have FC4 on my computer. Recently I encount a
> problem: the window size of one of my programs is
> larger than the monitor screen.  I wonder anyone here
> can help me out.
It is possible that the display resolution is set lower than the monitor
Are you using kde or gnome?  
If gnome, do you see both tool bars on the screen (one at the top and
one at the bottom)?
What happens if you move the mouse beyond the edge of the screen?  Does
the desktop scroll?
Have you tried using ctrl-alt-plus or ctrl-alt-minus to change screen

With FC4 and xorg I have had a similar experience when first setting up
my LCD monitor. Also when xorg or nvidia did an update that broke my
configuration until I found and set an nvidia specific option in the
xorg.conf file.
The native resolution of my monitor is 1600x1200 and it is really
strange to only see 1/4 of the entire desktop on the monitor when it is
set to 800x600 resolution.

> Thanks,
> Li
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