FC 4 Networking bridge

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Hi all

Perhaps I am being a lil dim here as a new linux sysadmin personage (previous preference was for windows, emphasis on "was")
For some reason I have not been able to get a working network along the
following lines.
NOTE this network is purely for systems testing, bandwidth etc, hence
the daisy chain effect.
I have 2 servers, both running FC4 and a cisco router.

The aim is to test throughput from one server to the other via the cisco.

My proposed solution is as follows:
Both servers have 2 gigE nics
Cisco has 2 interfaces which I have named ciscoLan and ciscoWan

Basically I want server 1 with eth0 connected to my DMZ network (and the world at large) witha public IP address I then want to configure eth1 with another public IP to connect directly to the ciscoWan
I already have the cisco connected via ciscoLan to server 2 using NAT
and private IPs but I cannot get eth1 on server 1 to come up with the IP
address I need and then talk to the cisco.
I think the issue may be that I need to enable bridging of sorts between
the 2 NICs, as MS does with ICS etc.
So the question is, how do I acheive that?

As far as I can tell, I have all the interfaces configured correctly.

I can`t give the actual IPs here, but I will give an example:
All Xs give the same subnet

Server 1


GATEWAY=  <- is this a problem????

Have I really missed something and thats why this server can`t talk to my cisco on eth1? By the way, the cisco has an IP of X.X.X.62
I am trying to have both eth0 and eth1 having IPs only 1 apart and the
gateway for eth1 is set to the same as eth0. Is this adding to the
I can solve it fairly easily by installing windows on server 1 and
configure ICS etc, but I would rather avoid that for 2 reasons:
- having FC4 on the server is beneficial for us after this roject
- I don`t want to give in to this problem, I would rather solve it.

Thanks in advnace.


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