Postfix problem

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I have a stock FC2 installation that have dovecot/postfix installed and 

The machine is the target of the domain's MX record.

Recently, I've had the problem that any mail addressed to that system spawns a 
smtpd process, which locks.

Telnetting into smtp produced the expected responses, right up to the point 
where you send the rcpt to: line, at which point everything freezes.

There's nothing visible in any log file to point to any error.

Shelling into the system (which runs headless) and using the mail command 
works fine, but no mail actually arrives at any user's mail queue.

I suspect a postfix problem, but don't have the knowledge to know where to 
look next.

Anyone any ideas?  The machine is running the latest postfix release ... I 
updated it manually after hitting this problem, but that didn't solve 
(BTW, in case anyone is wondering, the domain has been dormant for quite a 
while, and I'm only just re-activating it, which is why I haven't spotted the 
problem before, even thought the machine has been running for months, 
apparently without any problems.  I should have realised I wasn't receiving 
the usual root emails duh!)


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