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Michael D. Berger wrote:
On 1/23/06, Michael D. Berger <m.d.berger@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

The appropriate directories all have SymLinksIfOwnerMatch (and

Does the final directory have the proper permissions as detailed in
httpd.conf ?  All directories must be defined in the httpd.conf file.

It has >not< been my experience that all of the directories must be
defined in the httpd.conf, nor have I seen that in the documentation.
In fact, none of the numerous directories that contain the jpg file are,
and most of them work.  Directories in the http tree >or their parents<
are defined in httpd.config. All directories and files are readable by
all.  I would like to hear other opinions on this.

Here is come additional information.

The httpd logs show correct delivery, including an exactly
correct file length, despite failure. This suggested that
the problem might be on the receiving end.  The failure is
seen two two boxes of different hardware, but with similar
win2k systems. I did test it with firefox on the server box
using file:///... and it works correctly.  I don't have another
linux box I can test it with.

The strangest thing is that the problem is critically
dependent on the soft link name.  I have tried numerous
combinations, and can make no sense of it.  For example:

These fail:
   <img src="Ad_land_small_1/01590004FS.jpg">
   <img src="ad_land_small_1/01590004FS.jpg">

Thess work:
   <img src="Bd_land_small_1/01590004FS.jpg">
   <img src="adddd_land_small_1/01590004FS.jpg">

In all cases, the correct links are in place.

You can see where my work-around is comming from.
Thanks for your help.


Michael D. Berger

What do your apache logs tell you that apache is actually serving up in these cases? If a request fails it should be logged in (the default location) /var/log/httpd/error_log, and if you have logging enabled the successful requests will be logged in /var/log/httpd/access_log.

If that doesn't show anything useful, run ethereal and capture the transfer to see what request is coming in from the client, and what response is being sent back by the server.

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