RE: Shared User Accounts under KDE/GNOME FC4 and/or FC5 Test2

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> >>Can't speak for Gnome, but KDE should be fine.  In short, 
> >>you're logging in the same user/homedir on multiple machines?
> > I saw some problems doing this when bringing up Thunderbird
> > to read mail.  Both machines wanted to use the same mail files.
> Application-specific problem.  In general, don't run > 1 email client 
> simulatenously per user.
> Most (other) operatiions are fine.

It is true that it is application specific.  However, running applications
is one of those things users do.  I believe that the lock file created
by Firefox may also give the users grief. It is possible, likely even
that they would try to access the internet.  I was guessing that the original
poster was asking about things his users might call about and users 
rarely distinguish between applications and the system.  (One man's
application is another man's environment.  :-)  )

Bob Styma

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