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Gordon R. Keehn wrote:
Hi, Anyone
Before we left for the Christmas holiday, I powered down my FC4 box. (My wife is paranoid that way.) KDiskFree showed my root partition a bit over 50% full. Within hours of starting it up again a few days ago, it was pushing 100%, and I haven't been able to find the culprit. The file system is reiserfs (I installed FC4 over an old SuSE distro), if that makes a difference. Has anyone run into this? Is there a tool I can use to report the space occupied by each folder, to try to identify the cause? I've deleted some old stuff from /var and /tmp, but that only recovered about 350 mB; I'm still missing some 5 gig.
Gordon Keehn

Thanks, for your replies, everyone. Briefly, I did update the kernel regularly, but only kept the most recent two. When I install a new kernel RPM, I remove the oldest. I tried the scripts for identifying the offending file/directory (special thanks to those folks; I really learned something from their offerings) but didn't find anything that looked like a smoking gun. Which, by elimination, leaves us with a corrupted filesystem. fsck.reiserfs produced lots of nastygrammes and eventually left me with a system which died early in the boot process. Since I have found other annoying glitches with Fedora (notably it's support for older hardware like my Crystal sound chipset), I reloaded the box with SuSE 10.0. I know SuSE also has its quirks (like YAST) but it has all the software and tools I need, AND it recognises my sound "card".
Grodon Keehn

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